Standards-Based Program Design

Standards-Based Program Design

The NJTLC Program’s design structure, curriculum, instructional and assessment practices, and candidate performance standards are aligned with:

  1. The national “Teacher Leader Model Standards (TLMS)”
  2. Performance standards for FEA’s NJEXCEL school leader certification programs; and
  3. Relevant State, professional, and national standards for school leaders

The alignment with NJEXCEL School Leader Standards provides:

FEA’s NJ Teacher Leader Certification (NJTLC) Program

  1. Teacher leader candidates with broad understanding of school leadership knowledge and skills;
  2. A seamless connection with the components and performance standards of the NJEXCEL school leader certification programs, which will be available to Teacher Leader Candidates who successfully complete the NJTLC Program and decide to build upon their teacher leader training and earn certifications for supervisor and/or principal;
  3. NJEXCEL Program graduates an opportunity to earn Teacher Leader Certification upon completion of Commissioner-approved TLC assessments and meeting required NJTLC Program performance standards.