Are YOU Looking To:

  • Advance your role, status and influence in your school community?
  • Support, coach and enhance the skills and practices of your colleagues resulting in increased teacher job satisfaction?
  • Enhance the continuous enrichment of teacher performance and instructional practices?
  • Make a real impact on school effectiveness and improving student achievement?
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NJ Teacher Leader Certification Program (NJTLC)

  • Individual Candidate Admissions and Partnerships with Districts and Schools
  • 10-month Program (September – June)
  • Affordable… Special Introductory Pricing!
  • Graduate Credit Available
  • Expert Practitioners as Instructors/Mentors
  • Advanced Credit toward NJEXCEL Program
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Why Enroll in NJTLC?

NJTLC prepares educators as teacher leaders within their profession, districts and schools by providing highly qualified teachers with the leadership knowledge, skills, competencies and opportunities to:

  1. Significantly impact the continuous improvement of schools, teaching, and student learning.
  2. Advance their roles, status and professional and educational influence in their school communities.
  3. Collaboratively support, coach and enhance the skills and practices of their colleagues resulting in increased teacher job satisfaction and retention, and the continuous improvement of teacher performance, instructional practices and student achievement.
  4. Tap unrealized potential and spark an interest in school leadership positions that did not previously exist leading to educational leadership certifications and roles based on personal and professional goals of the NJTLC candidates.
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